Guess Who's Back?

Posted: Wednesday, July 6, 2011 by GutCheckPress in

Greetings, Gut Check Army.  Stand by for the dispatches:

  • Chapter 13 of our free, online, end-times satire is now up.  Dr. Zack Van Shrimpy is loose in the HVAC system and Tim Strongbow is squirming his way out of a really awkward situation.  Oh, and the rapture’s coming.  Check out Beauty and the Mark of the Beast.

  • The release of Ted Kluck’s hilarious and long-awaited book on the strange world of “Contemporary” “Christian” “Music” is just around the corner. Pre-buy page will be up soon. You will not want to miss To Hell With the Devil: My Year of Tuning In, Dropping Out, and Letting the Devil Have All the Good Music.

  • And to celebrate this thus-far crowing jewel of the Gut Check Empire, we will be blowing your brains out (metaphorically) with GUTSTOCK 2011, a release party like nothing you've ever encountered. Fifteen bucks will not only get you access to all the delicious vittles (compliments of Saucy Broad Catering), but a signed copy of the book, a Gut Check bumper sticker, and more. And, yes, by “more,” we do mean a real live CCM artist sharing whacked-out tales from the studio and the road, door prizes, a DJ, horrible Chrisitian music karaoke, merch table, childcare, and even stinking more!  Stay tuned.