Gut Check PODCAST, BABY!!!

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Ted and Zach have launched the GUT CHECK PODCAST.  Every week or every other week or whatever, they will riff about all manner of things, including (but not limited to) publishing, cigars, energy drinks, and social media.

You can find all TWO episodes here. (You can also subscribe via RSS or iTunes).

New Gut Check Smackademic White Paper!

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Remember that one book that every high school and college-aged Evangelical female read during the nineties, called I Kissed Dating Goodbye? Remember Seinfeld? Ever wonder why no one had tried to combine them?

Us too.

Click here to read our white paper, I Kissed Lanie Goodbye: What Evangelicals Can Learn from the Relationships of Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes.


The Smoking Companion Is Now Available!!

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Click here to buy it.

Smoking Book Available for Pre-buy!

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You can now pre-buy The Christian Gentleman's Smoking Companion. It is a book full of humor, theology, information, and meditation about the gentle art of cigar and pipe smoking.

From Spurgeon to Bach to the Newsboys, you may be surprised at the role that smoking has played in the lives of well-known saints and how the camaraderie of leisurely smoking is even today drawing people together for accountability and Bible study and even leading them into relationships that result in repentance and faith.

Click here to see the pre-buy page.

End of the World Sale!

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Check this: 

All e-books ninety-nine cents! 

Paperback prices slashed!  

Go out laughing!

Get Raptured...for $2.99

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It’s finally available! Just $2.99 will get you all 27 chapters of our hysterical (in both senses of the word) end-times satire Beauty and the Mark of the Beast. It’s dispen-sensational and you can get it now by clicking here.

Guess Who's Back?

Posted: Wednesday, July 6, 2011 by GutCheckPress in

Greetings, Gut Check Army.  Stand by for the dispatches:

  • Chapter 13 of our free, online, end-times satire is now up.  Dr. Zack Van Shrimpy is loose in the HVAC system and Tim Strongbow is squirming his way out of a really awkward situation.  Oh, and the rapture’s coming.  Check out Beauty and the Mark of the Beast.

  • The release of Ted Kluck’s hilarious and long-awaited book on the strange world of “Contemporary” “Christian” “Music” is just around the corner. Pre-buy page will be up soon. You will not want to miss To Hell With the Devil: My Year of Tuning In, Dropping Out, and Letting the Devil Have All the Good Music.

  • And to celebrate this thus-far crowing jewel of the Gut Check Empire, we will be blowing your brains out (metaphorically) with GUTSTOCK 2011, a release party like nothing you've ever encountered. Fifteen bucks will not only get you access to all the delicious vittles (compliments of Saucy Broad Catering), but a signed copy of the book, a Gut Check bumper sticker, and more. And, yes, by “more,” we do mean a real live CCM artist sharing whacked-out tales from the studio and the road, door prizes, a DJ, horrible Chrisitian music karaoke, merch table, childcare, and even stinking more!  Stay tuned.